Erax-Invest Ltd


Company name: ERAX-INVEST Ltd

Company ID:4209281740009

Business sector /subsector:Metal processing

Željeznička 3




Number of employees: 36

Responsible person contact: Azra Varešević

International quality standards:ISO 9001: 2015

Short company profile

The main activity of the company is the production of metal structures, production and repair of machine parts and plants in the mining and construction industry. We are also engaged in the production of universal wire mesh and hexagonal mesh and gabions. So far, we have exported our products to the Croatian market, but we have great potential for export to other foreign markets.


Rollers and roller holders for belt conveyors complete with or without rubber lining

Production of drive and return drums

Vibrating sieves for separation of fractions

Bucket elevators (baskets) for vertical transport of bulk materials

Axis, shafts, bushings, reducers and brackets, casings for all working machines

Flanges and covers for pipe systems

Sprockets, gears, rake buckets

Drill crowns and spirals

Metal (circular and all other) stairs

Wire mesh and poles for fencing systems and protection against landslides and snow


restoration of steam locomotives

installation of transport systems

joining (hot and cold vulcanization) rubber conveyor belts

rehabilitation of all assemblies and parts of mining and construction machinery

We have a Certificate of Quality: ISO 9001: 2015

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Annual production capacity:

We work according to the technical designs of end customers (also at the request of the customer we do defecting and making a technical drawing) as well as the required quantities (non-series production)

International markets interested in: Italy, Germany, Austria

Type of partner the company is interested in: 

– Importer

Advantages and / or specific products / services compared to the competition:

Production capacities are purposely formed for the production and overhaul of parts and assemblies of mining and construction activities, which means that we can process parts of larger dimensions and weight.


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