Ensa BH Ltd.


Company name: Ensa BH Ltd.

Company ID: 4402674840000

Business sector /sub-sector: Wood Processing

Prijebljezi bb

78429 Razboj, Srbac

+387 51 757 540
+387 51 757 541

+387 51 757 542

Number of employees: 42

Responsible person contact: Sanja Jungić

International quality standards: ENplus A1; ENplus A2

Short company profile:
The Company was established in 2007. Ensa BH Ltd. employs 42 workers and is engaged in the production of pellet, briquette, mulch and organic compost. It has installed production facilities, which cover an area of 15 009 m2 and fully integrated production process, from procurement of the raw materials required for the manufacture, production and sale of finished products (pellets and briquettes). Our company annually produces approximately 18,000 tons of finished product. Production takes place under strictly controlled conditions according to national standards for solid fuels and to ENplus regulations, all in accordance with ENplus A2 certified that our product pellet Ф 6 possesses. The complex is located along the main road Srbac – Nova Topola. Location is optimally selected with respect to the raw materials market, as well as the proximity of the highway, and a relatively rapid release of the international network of roads.

Product details:
is produces from ecological and pure domestic type of wood that are made up of:
– 70% fir/spruce and 30% beech,
– 50% fir/spruce and 50% beech.
– 100% fir.
Briquette composition is made of domestic wood types in the ratio of:
– 70% fir/spruce and 30% beech,
– 50% fir/spruce and 50% beech.
1. Initial mulch (up to 30% of wood mass)
2. Beech mulch (up to 95% of wood mass)
3. Pine, fir and spruce mulch (up to 90% of wood mass)
4. Pine, fir and spruce mulch (tree bark 100%)
5. Decorative colored mulch – woodchips colored with organic colors (up to 95% of wood mass)
6. Mulch of hazelnut shells


Annual production capacity:
Annual production capacity usage, in %:

Markets of the interest for the company: EU

Type of the business partner the company is interested in:

Additional Information:
The company has fully solved infrastructure utilities, arranged access, mobile network, spedition, ancillary facilities, own substation, furnishings and asphalt driveway, gravel and asphalt stocks.


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