Empro Bratunac Ltd.


Company name: Empro Bratunac Ltd.

Company ID: 4400266650003

Business sector /subsector: Metalprocessing Industry

Rakovački put bb


+387 56 410 848

+387 56 410 848

Number of employees: 10

Responsible person contact: Vladimir Mićić

Short company profile:

EMPRO BRATUNAC d.o.o. was founded in 1987 as a metal processing factory, with the main activity in the field of central heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

In 1996, the company was re-registered in EMPRO BRATUNAC Ltd. with the main activity in the field of design and production of metal cabinets for various purposes as well as other accompanying metal processing operations.

Today, after more than 30 years of successful work and experience, EMPRO BRATUNAC Ltd. is one of the leading regional companies in the field of production of electrical equipment, from low voltage electrical equipment to compact transformer stations. In addition to the core business of production of electrical equipment, we can also boast a wide range of products in the field of metal processing. Metal cabinets for various purposes, archives, wardrobes, cabinets for storing personal weapons, cabinets for gas installations, public lighting poles, yard and balcony fences and other different types of metal structures, are just part of a very wide range of our products.

Product details:

 Electrical cabinets

Design and manufacture of electrical cabinets in accordance with domestic and international standards, professional rules and regulations

Compact substations

Design, production, equipment and installation of metal compact distribution and pole transformer stations

Equipment installation and wiring

Professional installation of equipment from renowned manufacturers and wiring of electrical cabinets

Markets of the interest for the company: European Union markets

Company is interested in:
Importer/ Distributor/ Wholesaler


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