Elko Maric Ltd.


Company name: Elko- Maric Ltd.

Company ID:4227271250001

Business sector /subsector: design, manufacture and installation of electrical equipment and devices in the construction industry

Maršala  Tita   294

88000 Mostar



036/558 080

036/558 081

Number of employees: 65

Responsible person contact: Ibro Marić, director

International quality standards: EN ISO 9001

Short company profile: The company was founded in 1995 and is based in Mostar. Our main activity is the design, manufacture and installation of electrical equipment and devices in the construction industry. We are committed to the constant monitoring of the market and new technical and technological achievements in the field of the electrical industry and to continuous training of our employees.

Products details : Construction of low-voltage networks (house connections, earth and earth networks, public lighting),

  • Construction of high-voltage networks (above ground and underground);

Electrical installation systems for commercial and residential buildings.

  • Construction of residential and commercial buildings with all modern building elements
  • Intelligent installations,
  • Audio devices,
  • Fire alarm, anti-theft device, telephone systems,
  • computer access control,
  • Video surveillance,
  • Installation of lightning conductors,
  • Air conditioning …

Construction of power plants.

  • Construction of substations, delivery and assembly of transformers,
  • Delivery and installation of equipment in the areas of transformers, cable ducts, cable signaling technology …

Markets of the interest for the company:

Company is interested in:
Importer/ Distributor/ Wholesaler
Retailer/ Franchisee/ Exclusive shop/ Chain store
E-commerce/ Online store
Joint investment partners

Detailed information: In order to meet the needs and expectations of our customers, all the processes necessary for providing of quality services will be identified, planned and performed systematically and continuously.

All the processes will be recorded down and that will be reviewed regularly in order to identify how to improve the overall performances of the organization and operations. The process of planning and decision-making will be based on facts arising from customer satisfaction survey, the results of the verification and review of the process and financial results.


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