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Company name: Drvo-Commerce Ltd

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Business sector /subsector: Wood processing sector

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Number of employees: 150

Responsible person contact: Nedeljko Mišić

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Short company:

Drvo-Commerce doo  with its headquarters in Pribinić, municipality of Teslić, and RJDrinić near Bosanski Petrovac is a renowned Bosnian-Herzegovinian producer of beech sawn timber.

Full 38 years of experience in wood processing through the permanent introduction of new technologies in the production of beech products has become a kind of guarantee of high quality of our products.

Drvo-Commerce doo, Pribinić has invested in modern technologies for wood processing, of which we emphasize automatic dryers and steamers, CNC cutters and CNC planers, and other modern equipment.

The strength of Drvo-Commerce is in its staff with many years of experience, and in the skills and responsibilities of employees.

Using such capacities and professional staff, we are ready to respond to all the challenges of the foreign market of Thailand, Japan, China, Denmark, Sweden, the USA and the rest of Western Europe.


Product details:

We produce beech sawn timber of all dimensions, thickness, width and length, and at the customer’s request we produce it to order. In addition to exemplary technological processing and quality raw materials, we are ready to meet the high demands of our customers from the Far East and Western Europe. The process of drying and steaming is performed in special chambers of well-known manufacturers of the above-mentioned wood treatment technologies, namely: Vanicek, TERMOLEGNO and BASCHILD, where the wood treatment processes are controlled through modern software technologies.

After cutting, the cut material is subjected to the steaming process and then to natural drying for 120-150 days, after which it is dried in drying chambers. After the drying process is completed, the material goes to further processing of decimation and packaging.

Drying capacities consist of 15 chambers, which dry about 1,800 m3 of material in one shift per month, and four chambers for steaming material with a capacity of 220 m3 in one shift lasting 18 hours.

We produce the following types of beech sawn timber:

  • Freshly steamed and unpaired solitary and semi-solitary
  • Dry steamed solitary confinement and semi-solitary confinement
  • Types of mating, slightly steamed material (DANCER) and strongly steamed
  • Dry with moisture content 8-10% and dried 18-20

Type of the partner the company is interested in:

–Importer/ Distributor/ Wholesaler


–Retailer/ Franchisee/Chain store


Thailand, Japan, China, Denmark, Sweden, the USA and the rest of Western Europe


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