Di Faco Ltd


DI FAČO Ltd Čelinac

Miloša Dujića bb

78240 Čelinac

+ 387 51 555 410

+ 387 51 551 470

Number of employees: 65

Short company profile:

The factory for the production of parquet “DI FAČO” from Čelinac has been operating successfully for more than 10 years, and its work is based on professional and quality provision of services in the production of parquet and the choice of materials for work. Since its founding, the main commitment has been the production of parquet from the highest quality types of wood from preserved forests in the area. Seedling oak stands out with the properties needed for the production of top quality parquet. After more than 10 years of successful work of “DI FAČO”, the products are still recognizable by the natural raw materials from this area. Our products are installed in many residential and commercial buildings in the countries of the region and Europe.

In its offer, “FAČO” provides services for installation and maintenance of parquet, and the offer includes a wide selection of adhesives and varnishes from proven global manufacturers.

Product description:

The factory for the production of parquet “DI FAČO” from Čelinac offers classic and lamella parquet, rural floor-solid parquet, which are produced from oak of exceptional quality from the surrounding forests. In addition to parquet, our offer includes a wide selection of adhesives and varnishes of the highest quality from proven domestic and foreign manufacturers.

DI FAČO products:

• Classic parquet,

• Laminate flooring;

• Solid parquet – rural floor.

All products from our offer are made of oak and beech.

The company “DI FAČO” Ltd. also produces solid oak furniture upon order.

We offer: tables, stair treads, dressers

By installing parquet from our offer, an attractive, completely natural product is introduced into residential or business premises, with exceptional exploitation characteristics. It is used for a long period of time, achieves significant energy savings, gives residential and business buildings a noticeable and natural look, easily fits into a variety of stylish environments, with easy maintenance.

As part of parquet works, we provide services:

• Laying parquet;

• Grinding, polishing and other installation work;

• Renovation of parquet;

• Making mosaics and laying parquet to order,

as well as other services ordered by the customer.


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