Delfin Trgotrans Ltd.


Company name: Delfin Trgotrans Ltd.

Company ID: 4401306240004

Business sector /subsector: Wood processing

Stara Dubrava

78243 Čelinac

+387 51 569 111; +387 65 518 043

+387 51 569 222

Number of employees: 50

Responsible person contact: Nikolina Savić

International quality standards: ISO 9001:2000; FSC

Short company profile: The company “Delfin Trgotrans” d.o.o. started operating in 1996 and since then the company’s activity has been constantly expanding with the introduction of new products and the purchase of new, more modern machines.

At the beginning of the business, the company was engaged in the production of sawn timber and oak elements. The quality of the products enabled the conquest of new markets and the continuous increase of production and the number of workers.

Production is mostly focused on foreign markets, where 85% of products are sold. We export our products to Sweden, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and many other countries. The rest of the production is placed on the domestic market. Processing capacities are fully used.

Product details:


Kant parket Kant parquet is a type of oak parquet that is increasingly being installed in residential and business premises. It is characterized by exceptional dimensional stability and hardness and is therefore ideal for installation in large public spaces with high pedestrian traffic. The attractive appearance of this product is precisely the reason for its increasingly frequent installation in restaurants, offices, exhibition spaces, where long-term durability of the floor covering is very important, as well as all other types of business premises.

 Oak FERTIG solid parquet  Parquet is suitable for all types of residential and business premises, it is a very efficient floor covering and has therefore found wide application in the West. It is hard and stable, so even large pedestrian traffic will not impair the quality of this floor covering.

This type of oak parquet offers a huge advantage to customers because it is a completely finished product and only needs to be installed, and installation is very quick and easy.

 Industrial parquet  Industrial parquet is a type of oak parquet that is very popular and has very good technical characteristics. This floor covering is very stable and is suitable for areas where pedestrian traffic is high. It looks attractive and is very practical when it comes to installation. It is made of solid wood slats measuring 8x10x160 mm and 8x23x160 mm.


We offer boards, beams, fossils, slats, rods and other sawmill products. After cutting and drying, the sawn timber is properly stacked to preserve its original shape and maintain dimensional stability.

We deliver products from our sawn timber program in standard dimensions or in dimensions according to the customer’s order. Products are processed to a degree that meets customer requirements.



This product is made of oak sawdust. The dimensions of one piece are 63/68 * 265 millimeters, its weight is 1 kilogram, and it is packed in foil in packages of ten pieces. One palette consists of 96 packages.


The substrate (carpet) is made for two-layer and three-layer parquets or floors. It is made from fir and spruce.


Markets of the interest for the company: Sweden, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands

Company is interested in:
Importer/ Distributor

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