Cromex Ltd.


Company name: Cromex Ltd.

Company ID: 4402984790002

Business sector /subsector:  Metal sector

Brezicanski put bb

79101 Prijedor

+387 52 30 40 50

+387 52 30 40 59

Number of employees: 66

Responsible person contact: Adnan Cekic

International quality standards: AAA Certificate of Excellence in Creditworthiness 2019,   ICS

Short company profile: Cromex Prijedor, Bosnia and Herzegovina, started in 2004 as a metal company, and was founded by Mr. Mirsad Ramic. Currently our company production activities are: laser cutting, sheet metal and pipe bending, 3Dmetal pipe bending, powder coating, CO2 and argon welding, planning development, installation and validation of metal structures, stainless steel fences and other stainless materials. We also have the production of our own metal products. Our management and engineering staff are professionals with many years of experience in metal industry. Our CNC machinists, metal fitters , craftsmen and welders are qualified employees with necessary professional knowledge. We are technically equipped to bend pipe profiles from 6 mm to 102 mm thus creating a prerequisite for entering the furniture industry, refrigeration as well as the automotive industry.

Production is carried in on about 8.000 m2 of business premises plus 57.000 m2 in preparation.

Product  details:

The activities of our company include laser cutting with the latest fiber laser technology, sheet metal and pipe bending, 3D pipe bending, powder coating, CO2 and argon welding, design, development, installation and inspection of metal structures, stainless steel teacology ieg. steel products.


Markets of the interest for the company: EU, Russia, USA

Company is interested in:
Importer/ Distributor/ Wholesaler
Retailer/ Franchisee/ Exclusive shop/ Chain store
E-commerce/ Online store
Joint investment partners

Searching for buyers (importers, distributors, wholesalers), Suppliers of production equipment and spare parts as well as Investors/Joint Venture.

Detailed information:

Company video:


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