Bosna Wood LTD


Bosna Wood Ltd

Company ID:

Business sector /subsector: Wood processing / Children’s furniture

Branilaca Starog Viteza 55

72251 Stari Vitez

+387 30 545 551

+387 30 545 552

International quality standards: FSC

Short company profile:

Bosna-Wood is a traditional family business that started in 1999 in Vitez. The main activity is the production of panel furniture.

Our goal is to place products of top quality on the domestic and foreign markets.

We are focused on the production of panel furniture that will be focused on customer needs for quality and on-time delivery.

Product description:

  • Baby cots
  • Cabinets
  • Children’s rooms
  • Dressers
  • Bathroom furniture

Type of partner we are looking for:

  • Importer / Distributor / Wholesaler
  • Representative
  • Retail / Franchise / Retail chain
  • Supplier


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