Arting Gradnja LTD Lukavac


Arting Gradnja LTD Lukavac

Company ID: 4209137200008

Business sector /subsector: Wood processing /Furniture

Sprecanska bb

75300 Lukavac

+43 6776 3981 757

+387 35 553 677

+387 61 149 888

Number of employees: 27

Responsible person contact: Karahasanović Amar

International quality standards:

Short company profile:

Arting gradnja was founded in 1991 with headquarters in Lukavac, Bosnia and Herzegovina. There are currently 30 full-time employees. Our production facility covers an area of 2000 square meters and is equipped with all necessary machines for processing all kinds of wood, including 5 axis CNC rover Biesse. We also have wood drying facilities of 50 cubic meters capacity to ensure the flawless properties of our products. About 90% of our products are made of european oak, therefore we keep more then 500 cubic meters of oakwood in stock. On monthly basis our production capacity is 35 cubic meters of processed wood.

We offer also testing and certifying our products at partner labarotory at latest standards. Hardwood processing experience: over 20 years!

We equip residential, tourist-catering facilities with solid wood furniture (oak, ash, beech, cherry). The peculiarity of our range is that besides modern designed furniture, we make unique furniture. The production itself is at the request of the customer – design, dimensions, type of solid wood.

We are curently working for well known brends such as Gazzda, Venjacob and Mahok.

Product details:

Our goal is to produce high quality furniture made of natural, durable and certified materials that will meet todays’ customer’s needs for durable and modern furniture. More than 20 years of experience and our expert team guarantee you the quality of our products.

Our expertise lies in producing premium furniture and furniture parts. We use A and B  quality wood planks. The oil we use is Hesse Lignal and the glues is formaldehyde free Rakoll (made in Germany). Other coatings and glues can be added on customer´s request. We deliver to whole EU and Europe. This way, we are setting ourselves in the direction of european standards´quality and sustainability. All our products have seamless joint transitions and exceptional overall strength.


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