Alu Kal Ltd.


Company name: Alu Kal Ltd.

Company ID: 4209680280003

Business sector /sub-sector:
Metal processing / Production of PVC and ALU joinery
Wood processing / Furniture production

Druga ul. 115

75270 Živinice Grad

+387 35 773-314

+387 35 773 098

Number of employees: 59

Responsible person contact: Kalajac Bajro

International quality standards:

Short company profile:
The main activity of the company ALU-KAL d.o.o Živinice is the production and installation of aluminum and PVC joinery and garage sectional doors. The company also has a modern store of household appliances, furniture, audio-video technology, lighting, carpets and other household appliances and consumer goods. Alu-Kal d.o.o company was founded in 2004, and besides the production of joinery during its expansion period, the company also started the production of panel and upholstered furniture. According to the production capacities and the quality of products, Alu-Kal has become one of the leading companies in this sector in the area of Živinice municipality and the district.

– Aluminum joinery (entrance doors, aluminum fences, aluminum windows),
– PVC windows and doors, garage sectional doors, glass facades.
– Panel furniture
– Upholstered furniture

Annual production capacity:
Annual production capacity usage, in %:

Markets of the interest for the company: EU

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