Alternativa Ltd Sarajevo


Company name: Alternativa Ltd Sarajevo

Company ID: 200378810004

Business sector /subsector:Metal processing

Put Famosa 38

Hrasnica – Sarajevo

+387 33 475 850

Number of employees: 

Responsible person contact: 

International quality standards: ISO 9001:2015, EN 14509:2014, EN 13501 i EN 13502 , CE label

Short company profile

Alternativa d.o.o. Sarajevo was founded in February 1997 and operates as a Limited Liability Company for production, trade, and services. Production of thermal insulation panels, roll-formed plates, and municipal equipment make the major part of its operation. As a market leader in the industry of plate roll forming, Alternativa d.o.o. Sarajevo introduces high market standards in respect of raw materials and equipment used for production.

Constant investments in our equipment and permanent training of our staff made Alternativa d.o.o. Sarajevo the absolute leader in the production of thermal insulation panels, roll-formed plates, and associated roof and facade elements in this part of Europe.


Sandwich panels:

  • Wall sandwich panels
  • Roof sandwich panels
  • Sandwich panels with Mineral wool

Metal Sheets:

  • Metal Sheet Tiles
  • Trapezoidal Sheets
  • Ceiling Sheets
  • Sinusoidal Sheets
  • Self Fitting Sheet

Assortment of screws (for wood, metal, concrete)

Containers and Communal Equipment

  • Mobile solid waste container,
  • Household waste bin
  • Street waste bin


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