Alfa Nur Ltd.


Company name: Alfa Nur Ltd.

Company ID:

Business sector /subsector: Metall  sector

Stupine B13, Lamela B

75000 Tuzla



Number of employees:

Responsible person contact: Edin Nurkanović

International quality standards: Implemented EN 1090-2 (EXC2) certificate

Short company profile: Alfa Nur Ltd. is focused on several areas: mechanical engineering jobs, production of machine structures for various purposes, manufacturing and assembly of process equipment elements.

The Bosnian company has constantly increased its turnover and gained a respectable position on the market, coming up to 50 t to 100 t per month. The technology has the capacity to carry out all stages of production such as: cutting, bending, welding and machining. It has operated on Bosnian market since 2008. The basic characteristic of the company is flexibility and high working ability to carry out the assumed task.

The characteristics of the company:

  1. Production of machine structures for various purposes;
  2. Manufacturing and assembly of process equipment elements;
  3. Production of various purposes;

The company is willing to establish long term business  partnerships in the field of metal constructions and metal containers.

Product details : Alfa Nur Ltd. is specialized in the production of light, medium and heavy metal constructions and productions of metal containers for various uses.

Markets of the interest for the company:

Company is interested in:

Importer/ Distributor/ Wholesaler
Retailer/ Franchisee/ Exclusive shop/ Chain store
E-commerce/ Online store
Joint investment partners                                                                                     Subcontracting

The desired outcome of these partnerships is to increase presence on international market and to improve the company’s manufacturing experience. The cooperation of the company with the partners might run under a direct distribution and manufacturing  contract or by subcontracting some of the partners’ contractual tasks.

Detailed information:

– Implemented EN 1090-2 (EXC2) certificate;

-The delivered products can be custom according to the client’s request;

– located in close proximity to an international airport, thus being well connected to main European destinations;

– Experience and in-depth knowledge of the containers and  current trends;-Shorter production and delivery time of the final product comparing to competitors;

Company video:


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