Alfa Ltd.


Company name: Alfa Ltd.

Company ID: 4236025040005

Business sector /sub-sector: Wood Processing and Metal Processing / Production of PVC and Wood Joinery

Donje Putićevo, b.b.

72270 Travnik

+387 30 708-222

+387 30 708-222

Number of employees: 83

Responsible person contact: Topalović Željko

International quality standards:

Short company profile:
Alfa d.o.o. is specialized in the production, installation and distribution of top quality carpentry. For many years we have been striving to meet the needs of all our customers and business partners for interior wood and PVC joinery. Our complete production plant is characterized by a selection of quality raw materials of proven origin, professional production staff and state-of-the-art and modern technology. We enable our customers to choose complete carpentry in one place. Also, we are able to offer services of measurement, installation and delivery of interior doors and PVC joinery. We are especially proud that our products have found their place in neighboring countries: Croatia, Austria, Slovenia and Italy. With constant investment in the company and modernization, we have managed to meet the growing demand for wood and PVC joinery with our efforts, abilities and knowledge.

Product details:
– PVC joinery (entrance doors and windows)
– Wood joinery (interior doors)

Annual production capacity:
Annual production capacity usage, in %:

Markets of the interest for the company: Germany, Croatia, Austria, Slovenia and Italy

Type of the business partner the company is interested in:

Additional Information:
Alfa and Metabo are two sister companies operating under one roof and owned by one individual. In order to make the entire range of products available to a large number of customers, we have also established our branches in teh cities of Jajce and Sanski Most.

Products Catalogue:


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