Alfa 90 Ltd.


Company name: Alfa 90 Ltd

Company ID: 4209061200003

Business sector /subsector: Metal Processing Industry

Industrijska zona Maline, Magistralni put bb


+387 35 363 400

+387 35 363 402

Number of employees: 21

Responsible person contact: Eldar Sarajlić

Short company profile:

ALFA 90 d.o.o. is a company founded in 1982. 100% privately owned. At the beginning of his work, he was engaged in the production of concrete blocks and ceiling slabs at a small location in Živinice.

Today, ALFA-90 has its production and sales space on a location of 7000 m2 along the main road Sarajevo – Tuzla in the street Magistralni put 49 Industrial zone Maline Živinice. We have an office building with an exhibition space of 350 m2 and a production hall of 1600 m2.

We are engaged in the production of standard R and Q reinforcement meshes, we work to order and all other networks of various lengths and thicknesses. We also produce very precise fencing systems, both standard and custom-made, we process (creasing) iron.


We are engaged in the production and installation of fresh concrete, production of concrete accessories, ceiling slabs, concrete blocks, concrete pipes.

We have our own concrete plant and mixers and pumps for transporting and installing concrete.

We have our own vehicles for the delivery of construction materials, machines for the production of concrete accessories, machines for straightening and processing iron and machines for the production of concrete pipes.

We also sell GITER masonry blocks, all types of tiles, cement, lime and some other materials needed for the rough construction of the building.

Product details:


Double wire fences




Markets of the interest for the company: European Union markets

Company is interested in:
Importer/ Distributor/ Wholesaler


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