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Economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina at glance

Wood industry:

The wood industry is one of the strongest industries in the country, with a large surplus in foreign trade. Companies in B&H invest great efforts in the development of this sector, often with their own designs or products created based on the designs of prominent international designers.
Furniture and part :Solid wood furniture, Upholstered furniture, cabinets for bedroom, living room, dining room, bathroom; Fitted kitchens; Contract furniture; Garden furniture; Furniture parts. Wooden construction products : Prefabricated wooden buildings; windows, doors and boards; Panels; Veneer; Parquet flooring; Decking
Forestry products: Wood chips and pellets; Pallets & packaging materials; Lumber


Metal and electro industry

By strategically utilizing its resources, Bosnia and Herzegovina has been continuously strengthening its metal processing and electrical industry, which is arising as the most promising potential of this country.
B&H capabilities in basic metals: Production of basic iron, steel, Ferro-alloys and aluminium; Production of basic precious and non-ferrous metals; Production of a large range of different products (metal sheets, bars, tubes, strips). B&H capabilities in metal processing and manufacture of various metal products: Castings (grey and ductile iron, aluminium, brass), Forging, pressing, stamping and roll forming of metal; Treatment and coating of metal; Precision turning, milling, forming; Manufacture of pressure vessels – boilers, heat exchangers, condensers, columns, reactors; Manufacture of steel structures for the construction industry; Manufacture of insulated wire and cable; Manufacture of builders carpentry and joinery of metal; Manufacture of tanks, reservoirs and containers of metal; Manufacture of steam generators, central heating radiators, boilers; Manufacture of tools; Manufacture of conveyor systems.

The auto industry has experienced strong growth and high profitability.

The defense industry is also a very important driving force of this sector, representing a combination of tradition and quality products. This sector offers a range of opportunities for cooperation at foreign markets. Thus, all those companies are strategically export oriented.



Construction and the production of building materials represent an important segment of the economy of every country in the world.
B&H companies have acquired a solid reputation in all aspects of construction projects – including design, structural engineering, building construction, civil engineering and the production of high-quality building materials.


Chemical and pharmaceutical industry

The chemical industry represents an important link as a potentially strong production and export-oriented subsector of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The development of B&H’s chemical industry over the years has helped this country to be qualified as a respected manufacturer of detergents, hygiene products, soda, coal and the like.
B&H’s pharmaceutical industry, an export-oriented branch, possesses valuable know-how and utilizes modern technology in its production processes, presenting opportunities to potential investors.


Textile and footwear industry

The Bosnian-Herzegovinian textile and footwear industry has a long tradition of producing high quality products. This industry is open to collaborations with foreign markets. It continues to develop due to its high quality production and price competitiveness, as well as due to the expertise of its workforce
The strategy for further development of the textile industry is in making the transition from order made production to the creation of its own brands and designing collections.


Food industry

The development of fruit and vegetable production presents possibilities for new investments and an expansion of production volume, making it a key strategic component for B&H.
For centuries, the local population has been nurturing the tradition of collecting and cultivating medicinal and aromatic herbs, forest fruits and mushrooms, and producing honey. The production of milk and dairy products, as well as meat and meat products, is one of the most important industrial sectors. In addition to processing products of animal origin, the development of fruit and vegetable production is also an important strategic orientation.
There are a number of companies that process the raw materials to produce both intermediate and final products. Final products include herbal teas and tea mixes, natural foods, cosmetics and herbal remedies. Intermediate products include sterilized, cut herbs and essential oils.
“Forest fruits” (wild Bilberry, Cowberry, Strawberry & Raspberry); Apples; Confectionery; Cucumbers; Fish; Frozen soft fruits; Fruit juice; Fruit juice concentrates; Fruit liquors and brandies (Pear William, Slivovitz, Schnapps, Plum Brandy, Elderflower Brandy); Honey (Acacia, Linden, Sage, Lavender, Rosemary); Jam and preserves; Medicinal and Aromatic Plants; Pears; Peppers; Pickles; Soft fruits (Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries); Tomatoes; Wild mushrooms (Chanterelle, Morel, Boletus, Caesar’s mushroom); ethereal oils, organic soaps, preserved vegetables, milk, meat processed products, cheese, Water; Wine, Beer,…

The B&H food processing sector is growing rapidly. Fruit processors are involved in drying fruits and in producing fruit juices, concentrates and preserves. Vegetable processors are strongly oriented towards pickled vegetables and gherkins.
Favorable conditions for growing domestic grapes present a good basis for the development of wine production, especially in the southern parts of the country, i.e. in Herzegovina which has already acquired a reputation in the world of wines.



Tourism started to develop in Bosnia and Herzegovina over a hundred years ago – today, it represents great potential of this heart-shaped country.
Bosnia and Herzegovina is amongst the top countries in Europe according to quality of hotel accommodations.
Coastal Tourism; Nature Based and Rural Tourism; Mountain/Winter Tourism; Spa – Wellness Tourism in B&H

Prospects for Travelling and Tourism Sector in the Western Balkans in 2020 (impact of the coronavirus pandemic)

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