Company name: Pivara d.d. Tuzla

Company ID: 4209184890004

Business sector /subsector: Production of drinks.

Maršala Tita 163


+387 35 300 100

+387 35 300 107

Number of employees: 210.

Responsible person contact: Fahrudin Salihović.

International quality standards: ISO 14001, 9001 i HACCP.

Short company profile:

Pivara Tuzla founded in 1884 under the name “Erste Dampf Brauerei” by Tasing and Köhn as the First Steam Brewery in Dolnja Tuzla, with a production capacity of 5,000 hl of annual production. By World War I, it was already producing about 25,000 hl. During the First and Second World Wars, production was briefly suspended, and from 1948, it started with active and uninterrupted production until today. In 1962, the cycle of continuous reconstruction began, so the annual production capacity of approx. 300,000 hl. The next reconstruction cycle for the production program of approx. 500 000 hl Brewery Tuzla starts in 1990.
Changes in sales trends after 1995 Pivara Tuzla was forced to introduce some innovations in production. The adopted project determined new directions for the development of the “supplementary” program. In that sense, in 1996 was installed a line for filling juices and mineral water in PET bottles of 2.0, 1.5, 0.5 and 0.33 liters, and in 1997 was installed a line for filling cans of 0,33 and 0.50 lit. which serves the production of beer as well as carbonated soft drinks.

Today, Pivara Tuzla, in addition to traditional beer production, has the production of mineral water and carbonated soft drinks from a natural base, top quality and under very strict production control regime.

Pivara Tuzla produce brands:

Tuzlanski pilsner is the oldest brand of Pivara Tuzla, which is produced according to a very demanding and old recipe, in a completely natural way in Czech technology.

An exceptional type of light beer, produced from quality raw materials, by low-fermentation technology in German style.

Premium Radler and Dark beer are produced with great and good cooperation with eminent partners from Germany. The entire production is regularly controlled in the modernly equipped laboratories of Pivara Tuzla.

Tuzlanski kiseljak is a natural mineral water rich by magnesium and other important minerals.

Refreshing carbonated soft drinks with fruit bases, Panonska Ledena (Orange, Lemon and Cola) and Fenix energy drink are the ideal solution for refreshment at any occasion. All carbonated soft drinks production takes place under a strict control regime of modern laboratories of Pivara Tuzla.

The basis of quality and business success is in a comprehensive view of market requirements and customer needs, which is achieved by skilled workers, cost management, investment in equipment and technology. Tuzla Brewery has decided to apply an integrated quality and environmental management system in accordance with the requirements of BAS EN ISO 9001: 2015, BAS EN ISO 14001: 2015 and HACCP Pivara Tuzla proudly applies new technologies for the prevention of adverse environmental impacts, as well as quality safety measures its products, which it guarantees by applying the applicable norms, legal requirements and basic principles of the HACCP system and environmental management requirements.

Pivara Tuzla export product to: United States, European Union countries, Turkey, etc.

Annual production capacity: 500.000 hl.

Annual production capacity usage, in %: 55.

Markets of the interest for the company: United Sates of America, European Union and Asia

— Importer/ Distributor/ Wholesaler;
— Contract Business;
— Supplier of components.