Company name: Mladegs Pak d.o.o. Prnjavor

Company ID: 4401217490005

Business sector /subsector: Food Processing.

Vijaka bb


+387 51 647 620

+387 51 647 626

Number of employees: 200 – 250.

Responsible person contact: Mladen Pratljačić.

International quality standards: HACCP, ISO 9001:2015, IFS Food.

Short company profile: Mladegs Pak is a privately owned food processing family business that leads the market in various food product segments, employing over 200 workers. More than thirty years of quality product manufacturing has gained the trust and loyalty of hundreds of thousands of customers throughout the region. More than 400 food products labeled with two separate home brands (Bonito and Dominus) as well as many private labels are sold domestically and exported to more than 20 EU/European and intercontinental markets. The quality production is achieved through state-of-the-art machines, technology and know-how in over 10.000 sqm of newly built company objects, with machines made by some of the world’s best manufacturers: Volpak, Breitner, Sigma, Ila pack etc. A well-defined management system is focused on continuous improvement of business activities which resulted in internationally recognized HACCP, IFS Food and ISO 9001:2015 certifications. Company invests heavily in development and further professional growth of it’s employees and recognizes it as a long-term success guarantee in combination with use of innovative technology.

Product details: Award-winning brand Bonito is one of the regional leaders based on market share in several food product segments. Brand’s assortment includes more than 250 products of high quality, decades of market presence and large production capacities. Some of the best performing segments and domestic market leaders are:
– Bonito Ketchup – Classic mild, Spicy hot and Pizza Ketchup;
– Boni Condiment assortment, a kitchen mixture of vegetables, spices and salt;
– Bonito Puddings (11 fantastic flavors);
– Bonito Baking powder;
– Bonito Vanilla sugar;
– Bonito Soups;
– Bonito Tea (more than 30 flavors of Herbal, Fruit, Classic and Special teas).

Other segments of quality Bonito products are:

Tomato products;

Paprika products;




Oregano and other Herbs;

Vegetable & Spice mixtures;



Products for Baking;

Ice Cream;

Hot Chocolate and Children’s Chocolate drinks;

Products for winter vegetable preserves;

Milling and Bakery products;

Cereals and Food products for restaurants.

Annual production capacity: 32.000 t.

Annual production capacity usage, in %: 60.

Markets of the interest for the company: EU/European and Global markets.

Type of the partner the company is interested in:

– Importer/ Distributor/ Wholesaler;
– Agent;
– Retailer/ Franchisee/ Exclusive shop/ Chain store;
– E-commerce/ Online store;
– Joint investment partners;
– Manufacturer of final products;
– Supplier of components;
– Contract Business.