Company name: Ljbilje LLC Ljubinje

Company ID: 4403280090001

Business sector /subsector: Production and Processing of Medicinal Herbs Teas and Cosmetics

Crnogorski put bb

88 380

+387 59 621 598

Number of employees: 13

Responsible person contact: Mihajlo Vujovic

International quality standards: OK, ISO 22000 GMP

Short company profile:
We are the company that has been producing and processing medicinal herbs from the pure and untouched nature for more than twenty years.
As for the products we produce they are divided in the following categories:
Cosmetic products (high quality creams, anti-age serums, essential oils, hydrosols, massage oils and more …)

  • Teas(filter teas, classic teas and tea blends for specific types of health problems)
  • Cosmetic products(high quality creams, anti-age serums, essential oils, hydrosols, massage oils and more…)
  • Herbal drops(50 types of tinctures to regulate and prevent everyday health disorders)
  • Fragrant program(bags and pillows with dried flowers of various medicinal plants)
  • Antiseptic program(latest product created with the advent of COVID 19: antiseptic spray and gel based on a unique base of organic hydrosols of medicinal plants – “product 4 in 1”)
  • Seeds in seedlings(production and planting of seedlings of medicinal plants)

The raw materials for these products are supplied by from our farms. The products are processed hygienically in each stage and presented in superior quality.

We attach the greatest importance to the quality and safety of the products we offer.

Product details:

What characterizes all our products is a 100% natural and organically certified base of raw materials that our products are made of. The raw material is dominated by more medicinal plants from our nature: Immortelle, Lavender, Sage, Heather, Thyme, Echinacea and many others that we grow in our own plantations, but which we also buy from our certified collectors. You can find more detailed information about our products on our website (the products section).

We have OK organic and ISO 22000 and GMP certificates.

We have won numerous awards at domestic and international fairs

Annual production capacity: 12 000 kg

Annual production capacity usage,  70 %

Company is interested in:

Importer/ Distributor/ Wholesaler
Contract Business