Business mission of companies from Bosnia and Herzegovina to the “ISM 2023 – International Trade Fair for Sweets and Snacks” April, 23-24 2023, Cologne, Germany



The Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina will organize a visit to the “ ISM 2023 fair – International Trade Fair for Sweets and Snacks”, in the period of  23 and April 24, 2023, which will be held in Cologne (Germany).

The International Trade Fair for Sweets and Snacks in Cologne (ISM) is the largest and most important fair for sweets and snacks in the world.

The confectionery industry of Bosnia and Herzegovina is developing year by year. This is evidenced by the presence of domestic brands on the domestic market and the constant increase in exports to foreign markets. This industry has over 40 companies, most of which follow EU production standards. Production is dominated by biscuits, chocolates, confectionery programs ( ice cream cones, cakes, puddings, whipped cream, deep-frozen confectionaries) and trend snacks. Bosnian sweets can be found on regional markets such as Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Croatia, but also on the EU market (Germany, Austria and Switzerland).

The purpose of the business visit to the ISM fair is to enable the establishment of contacts with potential partners and the improvement of B&H’s export companies.

Bosnian companies will have the opportunity during the Fair to schedule meetings with potential partners and to present their products through an online catalog.

All 5 selected companies are presented in the online catalogue and further promoted through the Chamber network.

More details about B&H you can find on the following link:


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